Travelling In A Camper Van With Your Dog

Taking a road trip with your furry friend by your side is the ultimate excursion for many dog owners. The freedom of the open road, the time and opportunity to explore new places and the close companionship of your loyal canine combine to provide an unparalleled experience. When it comes to taking a well earned break, few options are as convenient and as comfortable as travelling in a camper van with your dog. So, let’s delve into the fun and the practicalities of a camper van road trip with your beloved four-legged friend.

Freedom to Roam:

One of the best advantages of a camper van trip is the freedom provided. Unlike other vacations, where accommodation limitations or restrictions can make the planning a headache, a camper van allows you to get on the road whenever you like and travel virtually wherever you please. Whether you’ll be exploring picturesque national parks, beautiful coastal landscapes, or charming countryside towns, the camper van is your home on wheels and your dog is your constant co-pilot.

travelling in a camper van with your dog

Comfort and Familiarity:

Camper vans are specifically designed to maximize comfort in a confined space, making them perfect for both human travellers and their dogs. Modern camper vans come equipped with an amazing array of amenities such as a comfortable folding bed and a kitchenette, so that you and your dog can enjoy a home-away-from-home experience while on your trip. Introduce your dog to the camper van before embarking on your holiday, as familiar surroundings give a sense of security for your pet, reducing anxiety and enabling them to keep calm and content while traveling. Perhaps even consider spending the night in your camper van with your dog, so that they know they’re in a safe place once you get on the road.

travelling in a camper van with your dog

Adventure-Ready Features: Camper vans are, of course, designed with adventures in mind so consideration needs to be given to accommodating your dog’s requirements. Your van may need extra storage space to stow your dog’s essentials, such as food, toys, and bedding. Some camper van models also feature amenities such as dedicated dog beds, water and food bowls, and many have outdoor shower heads for cleaning sessions after long walks through muddy terrain. Such additions ensure your dog stays happy, healthy, clean and comfortable during your trip.

Bonding Opportunities: Travelling in a camper van with your dog will lead to countless opportunities for bonding. We all know that dogs thrive on companionship, and the constant presence of their humans during the journey, strengthens that very special bond. Exploring new places together, long walks through beautiful  landscapes and experiencing shared adventures, creates lasting memories to be forever cherished. The camper van adventure allows for uninterrupted quality time with your dog, away from the busy activities and distractions of everyday life.

Adapting to Pet-Friendly Destinations: One of the many advantages of travelling in a camper van is the opportunity to explore pet-friendly destinations. Most campsites, national parks and outdoor attractions will whole-heartedly welcome four-legged visitors. Doing a little research into pet-friendly locations before embarking on your trip ensures you can plan your itinerary accordingly. Hiking trails to suit your pooch, dog-friendly beaches and open spaces become your playground, allowing your dog to revel in the wonders of mother nature alongside you.

Practical Considerations: While travelling in a camper van with your dog promises a wonderful adventure, it’s very important to consider a few practicalities. Firstly, ensure your dog is used to traveling in a vehicle by taking them on a few shorter trips to acclimate them to the camper van and the whole experience. Invest in safety equipment such as a comfortable, secure harness or a properly sized dog crate to keep your dog safe and relaxed during the drive.

Secondly, make sure to research and take note of local leash laws and any vaccination requirements. If you’re travelling abroad with your dog, then you will find that you will either need an Animal Health Certificate issued by your vet, or a pet passport issued by an EU registered vet showing that all vaccinations are up to date, an applicable tapeworm treatment has been administered and rabies vaccinations are within date and have also been administered by an EU registered vet. An Animal Health Certificate can be very expensive so make sure to plan this cost into your trip abroad.

Finally, always clean up after your dog to be a responsible traveller. Enjoy travelling in a camper van with your dog!

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