The Ultimate Guide to Attending UK Music Festivals in a Camper Van

Music festivals are an amazing way to enjoy live music, soak up the atmosphere, and indulge in unforgettable experiences. If you’re hoping for comfort and convenience, attending UK music festivals in a camper van offers the perfect blend of flexibility and freedom. So, let’s explore the joys of festival camping in a camper van and look at practical tips to make your musical adventure one to remember forever.

Embrace the Freedom of Mobility:

One of the major advantages of rocking up to a music festival in a camper van is the freedom of mobility provided. Mobile  accommodation means you can easily move between festivals, explore what’s happening musically in different counties and make the most of your summer festival experience. Whether you want to follow the best bands on their outdoor festival tours or discover new up and coming bands across the UK, a camper van offers the ultimate convenience.

Camper Van Music Festival

Enjoy Comfort and Convenience:

Traditional tent camping can be a fun adventure, but a camper van takes your comfort and convenience to another level. On board your well-equipped van, you’ll have a comfortable bed, a kitchenette for catering, plenty of storage space for all your stuff and maybe even a shower head for washing or cleaning muddy boots. With all the amenities you need to relax and recharge between shows, you can enjoy the festivals to their fullest.

Create Your Own Festival Oasis:

Setting yourself up at music festivals in a camper van means you can create your own personal festival oasis. Make your space your own with decorations, fairy lights and comfortable seating. Put up an outdoor awning or a fancy pop up gazebo to create the perfect hangout spot for you and your friends. Your personalized space becomes a haven where you can chill out, socialize and enjoy the festival atmosphere between performances.

Camper Van Music Festival

Revel In The Community Spirit: Festival camping in a camper van allows you to enjoy the always vibrant community spirit that these events are famous for. Campsites become a marvellous meeting spot for like-minded music enthusiasts, with many opportunities to connect, find new friends and new experiences. There are usually impromptu jam sessions going on, so if you have an instrument, make sure to take it! Participate in communal campsite activities and revel in the camaraderie that makes UK music festivals really unique and special.

Stay Clean and Refreshed: Many camper van comes with the added benefit of washing facilities, even small to mid-sized campers, enabling you to stay clean and fresh throughout the festival, some of which can continue for a few days. The queues for shared shower facilities can be long and crowded and they get really unpleasant, really quickly! Having your own shower facilities, such as an external shower head means no having to share for you, and you can maintain your hygiene without any hassle. This little convenience can make a big difference in terms of your overall festival experience.

Planning and Preparation: To get the most from your music festival experience in a camper van, planning and preparation are essential. Here’s what you may need to consider:

a) The festival regulations: Be familiar with the festival’s guidelines regarding camper van camping, parking, and access. Many festivals will require advance booking and will probably have specific areas designated for camper vans.

b) Arrive early: There are almost always long queues to get onto festival sites. To secure a good camping spot for your camper van, it’s always best to arrive as early as is possible. This means you can choose the perfect site spot and have a brilliant overall experience.

c) Don’t forget the supplies: Store enough food, water and essential supplies in your van for the duration of the festival. Consider easy meal preparation and stocking up on long lasting snacks to reduce the need for cooking, especially if the weather is very hot.

d) Plan for power use and also waste management: Many festival sites provide electricity hook-ups but if not, you may need to bring a generator. Also, dispose of litter and waste water responsibly by using designated facilities or following the festival’s waste management rules.

UK music festivals in a camper van are most certainly a unique and exhilarating way to indulge in the magic of live music while enjoying your home from home comforts, with all the freedom to enjoy yourself and take advantage of the convenience of personal amenities.

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