Storing Your Campervan For The Winter

A Guide to Storing Your Camper Van Safely, Whilst It’s Off The Road For Winter

As the leaves fall and temperatures drop, it’s a sign that winter is almost upon us. For campervan enthusiasts, this means it’s time to consider storing your beloved home on wheels for the colder months, whilst it’s not being used. Properly storing your campervan for the winter is essential to ensure it remains in top condition and is all ready for your next adventure when the warmer weather is back with us. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps you need to consider.

1) Cleaning And Inspection: Before tucking your campervan away for the winter, give it a thorough clean. Remove any dirt, debris, or bugs from both the exterior and interior. Wash and wax the exterior to protect the paintwork and finish. Inside, remove all perishable items, remove linens for cleaning and remove anything that may potentially attract pests.

Inspect your camper for any signs of damage or wear and make sure to address concerns so that they don’t get forgotten, come the spring. Check the pop-top roof condition and seals and window seals, for leaks so that you don’t get any condensation damage occuring during storage. If your camper is going to be stored outside, buy it a good quality cover.

2) Fluids And Fuel: Taking care of the fluids and the fuel in your campervan is essential to prevent potential damage during storage. Change the engine oil and filter, top off all fluids (including antifreeze) and, perhaps the most imporatant consideration, add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank to prevent fuel from deteriorating and causing potential engine and fuel system damage. Run the engine for a few minutes to circulate the treated fuel throughout the system.

Storing Your Campervan For The Winter

3) Battery Maintenance: Batteries will lose charge over time when you’re storing your campervan for winter, and this is especially true in the undoubtedly colder temperatures, as it takes more effort to turn over a cold engine. Remove the campervan’s battery and store it in a cool (but not cold), dry place. Consider purchasing a battery maintainer to keep your battery fully charged and in good condition over the winter.

4) Tyre Care: Proper tyre care is essential for preventing flat spots and maintaining tyre integrity. Make sure to inflate your camper tyres to the recommended pressure and consider using tyre covers to protect them from the elements if your camper is outside. If at all possible, move your campervan periodically to change the weight distribution on the tyres.

Storing Your Campervan For The Winter

5) Campervan Interior Protection: To protect the interior of your van from moisture and pests, use moisture-absorbing products or desiccants inside the campervan, such as silica gel pouches. Leave the cabinets and doors slightly ajar to allow for air circulation. If it’s safe to do so, place rodent repellent around the perimeter of the van interior to deter any unwanted winter visitors.

6) Ventilation Provision: While it’s essential to seal your campervan against the cold, ensuring proper ventilation is equally importantl. Crack open a few windows, just a half inch or so, or vents if you have them fitted, to allow for air circulation. This will prevent mold and mildew growth if condensation occurs inside your van due to seasonal temperature fluctuations, something we know all about in the UK!

Preparing your campervan for winter storage is a necessary process to protect your investment and ensure that it’s ready for your next road trip when the weather improves. By following these steps, you’ll help preserve the overall good condition of your campervan during the winter months, allowing you to hit the road quickly and with confidence when spring arrives. So, stay cozy, enjoy Christmas and dream of your next adventure while your campervan rests easy in hibernation. Safe travels!

Storing Your Campervan For Winter
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