Why Elite Campers Is The Best Camper Conversion Company For You

OK, so you’re interested in a Camper Conversion but you’re not sure where to start? Well, most Van Life converts will tell you that they were in the same position once! Nowadays the obvious place to begin your research is the internet, but if you just search for “Best Camper Conversion Company” on Google you’ll be bombarded with the details of a thousand different companies all offering slightly different services, spread all over the UK.

Over the last few years the camper conversion scene has blown up in a major way. Covid meant that it was difficult to travel overseas (and also a right hassle) and the whole cost of living debacle has meant that people are looking for fun and exciting alternatives to going somewhere on a plane. Camper vans seem to be becoming the popular choice for more and more people as they’re so convenient. You get accommodation, transport and all your modern conveniences rolled into one with none of the hassle of booking a hotel, hiring a car etc. There’s the added advantage that the UK has some truly magnificent and beautiful places, but if you must leave the country, get your camper van on the EuroTunnel!

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So, on to the original point of this blog post:

Why Elite Campers Is The Best Camper Conversion Company For You

There are three main reasons why Elite Campers would be a great choice for you. Here’s a few that we believe will resonate with those who have their hearts set on embarking into Van Life:

1) Our team love camper conversion. Long before we formed Elite Campers, our craftsmen were carrying out camper van conversions for the sheer love of it, rather than the profit. If your heart is really in the job then you want to make sure it’s perfect. When you commission a perfectionist, you’re going to get a really amazing job done.

2) We have many years of experience. As stated in point 1, our craftsmen have been in this industry on a recreational basis long before doing it for a living. They made all their mistakes when they were younger! Nowadays, their expertise has been fine-tuned and they know camper van conversion inside out.

3) Elite Campers is truly customer focussed. Without a great reputation endorsed by delighted customers we’re not going to be able to continue doing what we love, for a living. Glowing reviews of our services are absolutely vital for us because this is a competitive sector. We’re doing pretty well when it comes to great reviews and we hope that will give customers the confidence to commission us for their camper conversion projects.

Give us a call today on 01789 863 401 and let’s get together to discuss your camper van conversion before the summer gets here!

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