The Best UK Beaches To Visit In A Campervan

The UK boasts a wonderfully diverse coastline for campervan owners to explore, dotted with stunning beaches that beckon adventure enthusiasts and beach lovers alike. Exploring these coastal wonders becomes especially exhilarating when done from the comfort of a campervan which combines the freedom of the open road with the serenity of the sea. Campervan trips offer an unparalleled experience, so let’s take a virtual tour of some of the best UK beaches to visit in a campervan, where you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes, water activities and a true sense of wanderlust satisfaction.

1) Porthcawl – South Wales

Located on the South Wales coast, Porthcawl is a haven for surfers and beachcombers. Set up your campervan at Rest Bay Car Park and wake up to the sound of crashing waves. With its consistent swells and golden sands, Rest Bay is a paradise for surfers of all levels. The nearby town offers charming cafes, while the Porthcawl Promenade is perfect for leisurely strolls. This area of Wales has a number of amazing beaches to explore if you fancy a leisurely drive along the coastal road in your campervan. Make sure to visit Southerndown, Ogmore Bay and, a little further West, the Mumbles for some great pubs in a buzzing place.

Best UK Beaches in a Campervan

2) Three Cliffs Bay – South Wales: Although this one is in the same vicinity as the previous Welsh locations, it’s worthy of special note. Tucked away on the Gower Peninsula in Wales, Three Cliffs Bay is a postcard-perfect destination. Set up your campervan at the Hillend Campsite and enjoy panoramic views of the bay from your doorstep. The beach is renowned for its three limestone cliffs, creating a dramatic backdrop for relaxation and exploration.

3) Sandwood Bay – Scotland: For those seeking a more remote and rugged experience, Sandwood Bay in the Scottish Highlands is a must-visit. This secluded beach is surrounded by towering cliffs and offers a sense of wildness that’s rare to find. Park your campervan near the trailhead and embark on a scenic hike through the moors to reach the beach. The untouched beauty of Sandwood Bay is worth the journey.

Best UK Beaches to visit in a campervan

4) Bournemouth Beach – Bournemouth, Southern England: Bournemouth Beach, with its seven miles of soft sands, is a favorite among families and sunbathers. Park your campervan at the East Cliff car park and enjoy a day of relaxation by the sea. The vibrant town offers numerous restaurants, shops, and entertainment options. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a stroll through the beautiful Bournemouth Gardens.

5) Porthcurno Beach – Cornwall, Southern England: Nestled in the southwest of England, Cornwall is renowned for its breathtaking coastal landscapes. Porthcurno Beach, with its turquoise waters and dramatic cliffs, is a gem waiting to be explored. Park your campervan at nearby sites like the Treen Farm Campsite and venture to the famous Minack Theatre, carved into the cliffs overlooking the beach.

6) Ballycastle Beach – Northern Ireland: On the Antrim Coast of Northern Ireland, Ballycastle Beach offers a stunning blend of natural beauty and outdoor activities. Park your campervan at the Ballycastle Seafront and indulge in water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding. The iconic Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and the Giant’s Causeway are just a short drive away, making Ballycastle an ideal base for exploration.

Best UK Beaches in a campervan

Planning your stay: Before you set off to explore the beautiful coastal locations of the UK in your campervan, make sure to do your research into the best campsites in the area and definitely book ahead, as the best campsites will be very popular with tourists who are already “in the know” about theses areas.

Embarking on a campervan journey along the UK’s stunning coastline offers a unique blend of freedom, adventure, and natural beauty. From the surfer’s paradise of Porthcawl to the remote allure of Sandwood Bay, each beach has its own charms waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, water sports lover, or simply seeking a tranquil escape, the best UK beaches to visit in a campervan guarantee an unforgettable experience that combines the joys of the road with the allure of the sea.

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