Getting Creative With A Camper Kitchen

At Elite Campers, our workshop is equipped to carry out full camper van conversions from start to finish. When converting mid-size vans such as VW Transporters or Ford Transit Customs, the majority of the interior space is taken up by the camper kitchen. So, it’s important to get the kitchen design just right by striking the perfect balance between the amount of interior space occupied and the ease of use of the facilities installed.

Our team has many years of experience to draw upon when it comes to designing, making and fitting camper kitchens, specialising in maximising the usable storage space whilst making the kitchen a pleasant and comfortable space to be when preparing food or just relaxing inside the van.

Camper Kitchen

When we started our business, we invested in a state of the art CNC machine which enables us to quickly turn our carefully considered camper kitchen designs into actual finished components that we can quickly assemble and then fit into a van. Our designs are tailored and the parts scribed to perfectly fit the particular make and model of van that we’re converting. We can then apply one of a huge range of finishes that best complements the colour and style of the van exterior.

Camper Kitchen CAD Model
Camper Kitchen CAD Model
Camper Kitchen Template On CNC Machine
Camper Kitchen Template On CNC Machine
Camper Kitchen Fitted
Camper Kitchen In Gloss White Finish, Fitted

The kitchen components are assembled outside the van, in the workshop area. Once the interior of the van has been insulated and carpeted, the kitchen can then be lifted into the van and securely fixed into place. Then we add the finishing touches to make the kitchen ingeniously convenient with just about every modern convenience you can imagine! Our kitchens have fridge/freezers, microwaves, gas hobs, sinks, a dining table, all the power sockets you could need and there’s still plenty of room for storage. Use of space is maximised through the use of some ingenious folding and stowing mechanisms. We can fit good sized tables that slide out from under the gas hob, swivelling seats that can be turned around 180 degrees to face into the van interior when you’re relaxing after a long drive and cupboard space to hold all the essential utensils and supplies.

You can find out more about our camper kitchen builds on our camper kitchen facebook page or by calling us and speaking to the team. We’d love to help you get your dream camper kitchen into your van, with your choice of finish and at an amazingly affordable price.

Camper Kitchen In Grey Gloss Finish
Camper Kitchen Modern Design
Camper Kitchen Vauxhall Vivaro
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