Choosing A Camper Van Conversion To Suit You

Setting off on a thrilling adventure on the open road is the ultimate dream of many people. Whether it’s just a weekend away or 6 months driving around Europe, a camper van conversion can be the perfect choice of transport and accommodation. This guide aims to direct you through the process, assisting you in making an informed decision to find the perfect camper van for your excursion.

Define Your Travel Style:

Before getting into choosing a camper van conversion, it’s important to determine your personal travel style, as you’re going to be the pilot! Ask yourself a few key questions:

Will you be traveling alone, with your better half, or with family or friends?

How often do you aim to be hitting the road?

Are off-grid adventures more your thing or do you prefer established campsites?

Identifying your preferences will help you whittle down the options, resulting in a tailored selection.

Think About Your Particular Space and Layout Requirements:

Elite Campers build both short and long wheel base camper vans and these come fitted in various layouts. Consider the people and pets who may be traveling with you and the room required for a safe and comfortable journey. Vans built by Elite Campers offer ingenious compact designs with foldable crash tested beds that convert into rear seats. The van can be quickly converted into sleeping quarters or living spaces, whichever is required, with just the pull of a lever. Consider the facilities you will need, such as a kitchenette, personal hygiene facilities, storage, eating/seating areas and ensure the design suits your desired level of comfort.

Choosing A Camper Van Conversion

Establish Your Budget:

Working out a realistic budget is vital when choosing a camper van conversion. The cost can vary significantly depending on the model, age, condition and included features. Determine how much you can comfortably spend or how much finance you can get (the team at Elite Campers can help you with finance advice), and also consider any modifications or upgrades you may need so that the van suits your needs and those of your passengers. Maintenance, fuel costs, road tax and insurance should also be factored into your budget.

Choosing A Camper Van Conversion

Do Your Research Into Different Camper Van Models: In-depth research is important to source the best camper van for your requirements. Look at vans offered by different manufacturers and camper van conversions produced from them. The Elite Campers website will show you several different makes and models of vans and how we design the interiors with maximum practicality and style in mind. Our most popular options include Volkswagen, Ford, Vauxhall and Renault, among others. Compare the specifications, features and reviews of each model to find the one that best suits your needs.

Check The Mechanical History and Service History Of The Van: When purchasing a used camper van, especially an older model, find out as much as possible about its mechanical condition. You can check the vans MOT history online for free, just search in your favourite search engine for “Check MOT” to find the UK government website which shows you the MOT history for any vehicle as long as you have the registration number. Consider the mileage covered, the service history and general reliability of the vehicle. It would be advisable to have a professional inspection done to pinpoint any potential issues or required repairs. Elite Campers can provide a comprehensive report about any second hand vehicle purchased through us. Choosing a newer model camper van conversion or a certified pre-owned van can provide peace of mind and reduce the potential for any unexpected expenses.

Chossing A Camper Van

Research Insurance Costs, Road Tax Costs , Fuel Efficiency and Safety Features: Camper vans can be relatively inexpensive to insure due to the fact that they are mostly used for personal transport and not commercial purposes, as most vans are. The age, make and engine size will still have an impact on insurance group, though, so do your insurance homework before purchasing. The same goes for road tax. Traveling in a camper van will obviously result in petrol or diesel expenses, so it’s important to consider the fuel efficiency of the van. Some manufacturers offer a hybrid engine option, which may be more environmentally friendly and cost-effective long term. Additionally, consider safety features such as airbags, stability control, rear-view cameras and lane departure warning/correction systems. Your safety considerations are essential while on the road.

Test Drive and Comfort Evaluation: Before making your final decision, make sure that you take the camper van for a test drive. Evaluate the driving experience, including handling, acceleration and braking, as you’ll be spending a lot of time driving this vehicle. Be sure that the ergonomics, driving position and overall accommodation are to your satisfaction. Ensure that the design, storage capacity and facilities meet your expectations. You have to be happy living with this van, so comfort and functionality are definitely a priority.

By following our guide, you’ll be all set to select the perfect camper van that will make your road-trip adventures a blast and create many lasting memories. Be safe and enjoy the journey!

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