Camper Van Insurance

Embarking on a camper van adventure to explore the breathtaking landscapes of the UK is a dream for many enthusiasts. However, ensuring your journey is a safe and secure one involves more thought than just packing essential equipment. The right level of camper van insurance is also vital for protecting your vehicle, belongings and you and your passengers, throughout your travels. Understanding the different types of camper van insurance on offer in the UK is crucial for selecting the right coverage for your individual needs. Let’s take a look at the options:

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance offers the best level of coverage, which includes protection for your camper van in case of accidents, theft, fire, vandalism and third-party incidents. It typically features benefits such as roadside assistance, cover for personal belongings and optional add-ons like breakdown cover and European travel insurance. A comprehensive policy ensures you’re financially protected in a wider range of circumstances and can be tailored to suit your particular camper van, its contents, and also your personal requirements providing the ultimate peace of mind during your travels.

Third Party, Fire And Theft Insurance

This insurance type covers a camper van driver for any damage caused to third-party vehicles or properties, as well as theft from or damage to your camper van caused by fire or an attempted theft of the vehicle. While it offers limited coverage compared to comprehensive insurance, it’s a less expensive option for those just seeking basic protection without the extra benefits. Third-party fire and theft insurance is ideal for younger camper van owners looking for essential coverage at a lower premium, as younger drivers tend to be heavily penalised by insurance companies.

Camper Van Insurance

Third Party Only Insurance

Third-party only insurance is the minimum legal requirement for driving on UK roads. You’ll be covered against damages to third-party vehicles or properties in accidents where you’re at fault. However, there is no cover provided for your own vehicle or contents. It’s far and away the most budget-friendly option, but it’s important to understand that you’ll be responsible for covering any repair costs to your own camper van in the event of an accident.

Camper Van Conversion Insurance

If you’ve converted your own van into a camper van or have had a specialist such as Elite Campers convert a van for you, there is tailored camper van conversion insurance available to you. This specialist insurance covers the unique features and modifications to your particular camper van, including fixtures, fittings and accessories such as awnings, pop top roofs, kitchens and fitted beds. Campervan conversion insurance ensures that your significant investment in customisation is fully protected in case of damage, theft, or accidents. You can also tailor your policy to cover European/Worldwide travel, breakdowns or loss/theft of personal belongings.

Camper Van Insurance

Temporary Camper Van Insurance

If you’re planning to get away on a short trip or you only need coverage for a limited duration, temporary insurance can provide the flexible insurance options that you need. Whether you’re borrowing a camper van from a friend or hiring one for a weekend getaway, temporary insurance offers short-term coverage specifically tailored to your particular needs. It’s a convenient choice for occasional travelers who don’t require annual insurance.

Campervan Insurance

Selecting the right type of insurance is essential for safeguarding your vehicle and enjoying worry-free adventures on the road. Whether you choose comprehensive coverage with extensive benefits or choose a more budget-friendly option, understanding the different types of insurance available in the UK, ensures you make an informed decision.

Insurance Extras

Think about coverage for equipment as well as your camper van. You may be taking cycles or canoes on your trip which are expensive and may not be covered in the event of an accident unless specifically mentioned in the policy. Prioritize your peace of mind and protection by choosing the insurance coverage that best suits your camper van lifestyle, travel preferences and equipment.

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